Why Would I Get Park Model?

You’re driving down the road and notice a tiny home in the woods and ask yourselves “Why would anyone buy something like that?”  Surprisingly enough, our factory produced more than 700 Park Model RV’s in 2016 alone!

Although the space is small, the reasons for purchasing are virtually limitless. Park Model RV’s, incorrectly called “Tiny Homes,” have various uses including:

  • Vacation get-away
  • Hunting and fishing cabin
  • Winter visitor’s cottage
  • Income or Rental properties
  • Retirement living
  • Aging parent living area
  • Guest living area
  • Early retirement get-away
  • Student living

Regardless of use, there are multiple styles and floor plans available to fit your exact needs. Looking for a place for your buddies to crash after a day of reeling in a couple largemouths? Consider the Cabin Style to give it a rustic look. How about a place for the in-laws to stay to keep them out of your hair? The Cottage Style may be the best choice! Or are you a snow bird needing some extra storage space while you escape the frigid North? A Loft Model may be perfect.

No matter the reason, Titan Park Models of Texas is here to help! Call 512-868-0709, or fill out the Contact Us form and we will get in touch within 24 hours.


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